PPE & Disinfectant

For a safe teeth whitening or tooth gem service, the highest-quality personal protective equipment and medical-grade disinfectant are essential. Fern Whitening Supplies proudly provides top-of-the-line products, ensuring the best quality, comfort, and prices. Our comprehensive range is designed to prioritize the safety of all professionals during intraoral services. Rest assured, Fern is an approved supplier with all our dental manufacturing partners, guaranteeing excellence in every product


Is Micrylium approved for use in my dental clinic?

Yes! Micrylium is a leading manufacturer for the best and safest disinfectants at the intermediate level for both medical and dental clinics

What mask should I wear for providing a tooth gem or teeth whitening service?

Level 3 minimum

Why should I switch from vinyl gloves to nitrile gloves?

Public health bodies classify vinyl gloves as food preparation gloves, while nitrile or latex gloves are considered service gloves. Nitrile is often preferred over latex due to allergy concerns

Why wont it let me check out with the disinfectant?

Currently we can only supply our Canadian clinics with the Micrylium line. Our goal is by June 2024 we will be able to service all clinics with the safest provider disinfectant on the market

FREE standard shipping applied to ALL orders at checkout. Heavy disinfectants and mouthwash not included