Anterior Dental Cosmetics

Blending aesthetics with dental precision here at Fern Whitening Supplies is a main goal. In our Anterior Dental Cosmetics section you will find everything you need to offer advanced anterior direct restorations and additional cosmetic enhancements such as tooth crystals. Our comprehensive collection includes adhesive products and the highest quality tooth crystals in Preciosa and Synthetic options.  Our Adhesion collection is also the perfect collection to create the best cosmetic restorations in your dental clinic. Try our adhesion collection today to advance your cosmetic restorations.


Are your adhesion products, dental grade?

Yes, we proudly hold the status of an authorized dealer, offering a diverse range of dental products from reputable manufacturers.

How long will the gems stay on?

  • Temporary (3 days to 3 months)
  • Semi-Permanent (6 months+)

Please note: Various factors may affect gem adhesion. Kindly refer to your own replacement policy for details on gem loss and replacement procedures for your clients

Does your gem line leave a foil backing if they fall off?

  • Superior bonding strength may leave foil backing when a tooth gem falls off.
  • It's possible to have foil backing present.
  • Regardless of foil backing, clients should always consult a dentist for adhesive removal after a gem loss

Do you offer tooth gem placement classes?

  • Monthly classes hosted by our tooth gem masters.
  • Learn intricate designs like chandelier and butterfly.
  • Sign up for updates on class dates by joining our mailing list

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