• An Entire Team Of Dental Professionals

  • 8+ Years In The Teeth Whitening Industry

  • Fluoride, Nut, And Cruelty-Free

  • White-Labeled

  • Products Canadian made

Hydration & Moisture

Our fern-inspired teeth whitening gels prioritizes optimal tooth hydration, mirroring the moisture needs of vibrant ferns. Just as ferns thrive in humidity, our approach minimizes sensitivity by maintaining essential tooth moisture

Vascular System & Nutrient Retention:

Ferns are well known for have a vascular system for water and nutrient transport, similar to how fern whitening products prioritize using high-quality ingredients to keep the nutrients in the tooth structure during the whitening process.

Adaptablility and Innovation

Like ferns adapting to changing conditions, we are at the forefront of whitening innovations globally. Whether self-applied or by a professional, we provide all you need for a safe and effective chairside teeth whitening session

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