Take Home Whitening

Fern Whitening Supplies proudly presents our wholesale retail line, catering exclusively to clinic retail. Our minimum branding approach provides you, the dental clinic, with a blank canvas to boost revenue, increase sales, and create passive income. Retail is the ultimate complement to any service-based teeth whitening clinic.

Explore our range, including teeth whitening home kits, whitening mouthwash, and more. These carefully curated items are designed to elevate and extend your clients' smiles beyond the chair, ensuring a lasting impact at home


When should Stain-EX Exfoliant be used?

Prior to any teeth bleaching appointments. This is the perfect whitening step to exfoliate extrinsic stain. If using at home is recommended once a week or a couple times a month to keep smile bright.

Can I use Stain-EX Exfoliant as a prophy paste?

Yes! Great to be used as a course option of prophy paste

Can the whitening mouthwash series be used as a pre-procedural rinse?

Yes, since active hp is present it can be used as a pre-rinse prior to dental services

What are the benefits to selling a white labelled retail line?

The primary advantage of offering a white-labeled retail line is that the products do not carry a prominent name brand. This is crucial for the success of your business because it means that when clients need to repurchase, they cannot easily search for the product line. Instead, it becomes an extension of your business, fostering a stronger connection between your brand and the products you offer – a win-win scenario. It's important to note that when you put your own logo on a product, you assume full liability. Private label insurance for such instances can be costly. Allow us to keep you covered and worry-free.

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