Terms And Conditions

While we stand by the quality of our products, it's crucial to acknowledge that results may vary for every teeth whitening technician or tooth gem professional. We strongly recommend transparent consent forms and marketing that clearly communicate the varying results in teeth whitening, irrespective of the product brand or strength.

For those unfamiliar with high CP (carbamide peroxide) products, it's important to note that full absorption takes a complete 24 hours. Although immediate brightening may occur upon product removal, the complete absorption process requires a full day.

We highly advise having insurance coverage for the products you work with. While our products are covered with our labels present, we are not held liable for any claims against you as a provider for technician errors.

Return Process for Signature Gel Series:
- Must have tried the product on a minimum of three clients.
- Products used on teeth without underlying conditions.
- Before and after photos and a copy of the consent form required.
- Ensure the correct questions were asked in the consent form to validate client candidacy. Please note that product cannot be physically returned, only refund can be applied if contacted within 14 days of purchase

For those transitioning from straight HP (hydrogen peroxide) products, it's important to note that the CP/HP mix may take some adjustment. Full brightness will be visible in 24 hours, offering a healthier approach as it does not dehydrate teeth like HP products.

Storage Recommendations:
- Signature series gels must be refrigerated upon arrival.
- Retail collection gels can stay at room temperature; once open, refrigeration is advised for optimal results.

Expiry Date:
- Gels have a minimum 1-2 year expiry date. Refunds issued for short-dated items (under 6 months).

Training and Access:
- We align with The Teeth Whitening Association protocols and may deny access to our product line if a provider lacks certified training from approved education companies. This commitment ensures the highest safety standards in the teeth whitening industry.