Chairside Teeth Whitening

Everything you need to provide the safest and longest lasting chairside whitening is right here. From top-tier teeth whitening gels to essential additions and the most cost-effective disposables, our teeth whitening technician collection is your one-stop shop for all things chairside teeth whitening.


How long is the signature teeth whitening gel series shelf life?

18-24 months

Does the whitening gel need to be refrigerated?

Our signature series teeth whitening gel does ship unrefrigerated but it is recommended to place in refrigerator upon arrival.

How long does a chairside whitening service take with the signature gel series?

All of our signature series teeth whitening gels are recommended with x2 20 minute rounds. We recommend you block off 60 minutes for each client. x2 12 minute rounds if working with the BEYOND II light

Can you disinfect the silicone retractors?

NO, this is a one use disposable item. This correlates to all of our retractor options. If you have a full sterilization bay with autoclave/statim you can follow your local guidelines on sterilization guidance for the silicone & c style teeth whitening retractors

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