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Nitrile Gloves Black- Teeth Whitening Provider Tools

Nitrile Gloves Black- Teeth Whitening Provider Tools

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Black Nitrile Gloves - the perfect solution for your teeth whitening procedure. Our gloves are made from high-quality nitrile material, which makes them 100% latex-free. They are an essential accessory for any teeth whitening practice, offering superior protection and comfort for technicians.

Our Black Nitrile Gloves come in a package of 100bx, providing a total of 50 pairs of gloves. This ensures ample supply to meet the needs of your teeth whitening practice. The black colour allows for easy glove identification and helps conceal any stains or discoloration.

Our Nitrile gloves are designed with the technician in mind, making them comfortable and providing a secure grip. They are powder-free which prevents powder residue from being transferred to the patient's mouth during the procedure.

The use of nitrile ensures that our gloves are strong and resistant to tears and punctures, thereby providing better protection when compared to other materials like vinyl or latex. The gloves are also resistant to a variety of chemicals used in teeth whitening procedures.

Our Black Nitrile Gloves offer excellent tactile sensitivity, making it easier to handle small instruments and perform delicate procedures.

In summary, our Black Nitrile Gloves are an essential accessory for any teeth whitening practice providing high quality teeth whitening procedures. They offer superior comfort, protection, strength, and tactile sensitivity, making them ideal for technicians. Order now and experience the benefits that our gloves can bring to your teeth whitening practice. 

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