How To Grow Revenue In Your Teeth Whitening Business With Take Home Products

How To Grow Revenue In Your Teeth Whitening Business With Take Home Products

In the world of dental & beauty aesthetics, chairside teeth whitening has emerged as the proverbial 'jumpstart technique' for a brighter smile. However, the common misconception that it can erase years of dental stains in a mere 60 minutes is a narrative that requires some demystification. Chairside whitening, as it turns out, is merely the beginning of a journey towards achieving and maintaining the pearliest of whites. This process is designed not just to initiate the whitening procedure but to encourage patients to adopt safe and effective at-home care methods for lasting results.

Fern Whitening Supplies recently sponsored an enlightening episode on the Whitening Wednesday Podcast by Rachel Hicks, which delves deep into the nuances of chairside whitening and the indispensable role of take-home products. This episode comes highly recommended for anyone looking to understand the synergy between in-office treatments and home care routines.

A common apprehension among teeth whitening  professionals is the fear that providing patients with take-home whitening kits might deter them from returning for chairside treatments. However, this notion is quickly dispelled when patients are educated on the bleaching process and the importance of maintenance. Informed clients tend to appreciate their home care products, striving to maintain their bright smiles with yearly or more frequent chairside sessions.

Integrating take-home whitening options into your practice can significantly augment your chairtime revenue, allowing you to add additional fees without extending the duration of a typical session. This strategy not only generates passive income but also ensures client satisfaction and safety. When clients witness the benefits of prolonged whitening at home, they are more likely to return for product refills, thus fostering a continuous client-practice relationship without the need for additional chairtime.

Recommended At-Home Whitening Solutions:

  1. Take-Home Whitening Kits: Featuring dual trays that require no impressions, these kits offer up to 12 treatments, complete with a mini LED light to enhance the whitening process.

  2. Refill Syringes: Ideal for topping up dual tray or custom tray kits, ensuring the longevity of the initial whitening effect. Whitening Pens are also an option.

  3. Whitening Mouthwash: An excellent addition to daily oral hygiene routines, formulated with safer ingredients to prolong the whitening results.

  4. Stain-X Exfoliant: A once-a-week brushing regimen to keep extrinsic stains at bay and maintain dental brilliance.

Fern Whitening Supplies offers an exemplary collection of at-home whitening products designed to complement in-office treatments. Their white-labeled products ensure that clients return to you for their oral care needs, providing a blank canvas for your business to flourish on the foundation of trusted, effective whitening solutions.

In conclusion, the journey to a brighter smile is a collaborative endeavor between the professionals and their clients, involving both chairside treatments and a commitment to at-home care. By embracing this comprehensive approach, teeth whitening technicians can not only enhance their service offerings but also strengthen client relationships and financial health.

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