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Whitening Mouthwash- Teeth Whitening Provider Products

Whitening Mouthwash- Teeth Whitening Provider Products

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Package: 6 bottles | 473ml each | #22000RH

Peppermint Whitening Mouthwash. As the foremost experts in the teeth whitening industry, Fern brings you a mouthwash that is a must-have for your retail shelves. This innovative product offers a passive income opportunity for your teeth whitening business while providing exceptional benefits to your customers.

Unlike other brands, our Fern Whitening Mouthwash allows you to have a blank canvas for your own branding. Stop promoting other brands' names and start building your own brand identity with this minimalistic branded mouthwash.

Usage: Fill one capful (15ml) and rinse for 30 seconds morning and night.

Ingredients: xylitol, glycerin, erythritol, hydrogen peroxide, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, zinc citrate, sea salt+ sea Marin, menthapiperita leaf extract, eugenia caryophyllus bud oil, gaultheria procumbens leaf extract, flea europaea fruit oil, eucalyptus, eugenol, thymol, ascorbic avid, potassium citrate, citric acid, disodium EDTA, flavour, polysorbate 80

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