Navigating the Chairside vs Take Home Teeth Whitening Debate

Navigating the Chairside vs Take Home Teeth Whitening Debate

The debate between chairside teeth whitening and take-home teeth whitening has long been a topic of discussion among dental professionals. Surprisingly, it's illegal in Europe for dentists to administer hydrogen peroxide (HP) gel over 6%, presenting a stark contrast to practices in North America where gel strengths of 30-44% (HP) are not uncommon.

Finding the Right Percentage:
Determining the truth about teeth whitening involves understanding the appropriate gel percentages for different applications. Striking a balance between efficacy and safety is crucial.

Long-Term vs. Quick Results:
While long-term studies favor a "low and slow" approach for ultimate results and stain removal, the challenge lies in convincing patients to commit to 30+ days of take-home tray whitening. This has led to the popularity of chairside teeth whitening, particularly in fast-paced cultures like those in the Americas.

Fern Whitening Supplies' Perspective:
At Fern Whitening Supplies, our opinion is shaped by our experience and feedback from chemists. We recommend take-home gels between 6-22% carbamide peroxide (CP) or 6-14% HP, employing the "low and slow" approach with custom trays.

For chairside applications, gels between 16-18% HP and under 44% CP can be applied by a professional or through self-administration, offering a stronger but still manageable option without the need for gum barrier protection. However, using a barrier is highly encouraged if preferred.

Our preferred chairside strength is in the range of 20-25% HP, requiring a gingival barrier but providing the safest and quickest chairside results for the instant gratification desired by patients. This range is at the core of our Signature Gel.

Caution with High Percentages:
Chairside gels over 30% HP demand a gingival barrier, pose a higher risk of sensitivity, and can potentially cause harm. High dehydration levels may lead to pulpal inflammation and increased dentin hypersensitivity. It's noteworthy that North American insurance companies do not cover gels exceeding 25% HP.

In conclusion, the debate continues, but finding the right approach depends on a careful consideration of individual patient needs, preferences, and the balance between speed and potential side effects. Fern Whitening Supplies stands by these principles in our commitment to safe and effective teeth whitening practices.

What's your stance on this ongoing debate?

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