Authorized Dealer Status With Micrylium

Authorized Dealer Status With Micrylium

Fern Whitening Supplies, official authorized dealer of Micrylium

In the realm of medical, dental and beauty services, where close contact and precision are the norms, the importance of robust infection control practices cannot be overstated. As we navigate through a world where pathogens evolve rapidly, the reliance on intermediate-level disinfectants becomes not just a preference but a necessity. Fern Whitening Supplies, in its continuous quest to provide top-tier products for chairside services, is proud to introduce its partnership with Micrylium, a leader in the disinfectant industry. Together, we're setting new benchmarks in safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

The Essential Role of Intermediate-Level Disinfection

The battle against microbes—be it bacteria, fungi, viruses, or mycobacteria—requires a potent shield, especially in environments where close contact is unavoidable. Intermediate-level disinfection provides this shield, effectively eliminating a broad spectrum of pathogens, including those resistant to simpler disinfectants. However, achieving a truly clean environment requires a disinfectant that goes beyond the norm.

For perspective, common household disinfectants often claim a "99% bacteria kill" rate. While seemingly effective, this level of disinfection leaves a substantial number of bacteria alive, posing potential risks. Micrylium products, however, achieve a remarkable 99.999% kill rate, drastically reducing the number of surviving microbes to nearly negligible levels.

Why Fern Whitening Supplies Chose Micrylium

In our mission to offer the best to our customers, Micrylium stood out for its unparalleled combination of qualities:

  • Kinder: Micrylium ensures the longevity and safety of your equipment. Its products are safe on various surfaces, from upholstery to metal instruments, preventing the common issues of corrosion, cracking, or staining. Their commitment is backed by a lifetime warranty for all equipment used with their products.

  • Safer: Composed of biodegradable surfactants and premium-grade ethanol, Micrylium's line of disinfectants is remarkably gentle, even allowing for use without gloves. This safety feature is a significant advantage over traditional, harsh disinfectants that require strict protective measures.

  • Faster: Efficiency is key in fast-paced professional environments. Bio-text, a leading Micrylium product, boasts a rapid 3-minute kill time against a wide range of pathogens, ensuring quick turnaround without compromising on thoroughness.

Micrylium: Not Just for Professional Use

Fern Whitening Supplies is excited to bring Micryllium into homes, offering a safe and effective disinfectant solution for everyday use. Its versatility and safety profile make it an excellent choice for a wide array of applications, from cleaning sports equipment to ensuring a sanitary environment after illness.

Recommended Uses Across Environments

For Beauty Professionals and Home Enthusiasts:

  • Bio SON for Ultrasonic Cleaning: Elevate the cleanliness of your instruments with powerful ultrasonic technology.
  • Bio-text for Surface Disinfection: A go-to for disinfecting all types of surfaces, ensuring a safe and clean environment.
  • Bio-Mers for Cold Soak Disinfection: Ideal for instruments where cold soaking is recommended, providing effective disinfection in the presence of heavy contamination.

For Dental and Medical Settings:

  • Start with Bio-Mers for pre-cleaning, followed by comprehensive surface disinfection with Bio-text, and ultrasonic cleaning with Bio-SON, culminating in your chosen sterilization method.

How to Use Micrylium Products Effectively

For optimal use of Micrylium disinfectants, Fern Whitening Supplies recommends pairing them with compatible applicators. The LeCloth, a biodegradable, autoclavable, and lint-free wipe, is ideal for use with Micrylium solutions, ensuring effective application and maximum disinfectant coverage.

Elevate Your Infection Control Standards with Fern Whitening Supplies

Are you ready to enhance your infection control practices with Micrylium's advanced disinfectant solutions? Fern Whitening Supplies is here to guide you through all the benefits and applications of this innovative line.

Contact a Fern Whitening Supplies representative today and take the first step towards a safer, cleaner environment.

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