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Tooth Gem Extra's- Tooth Gem Provider Tools

Tooth Gem Extra's- Tooth Gem Provider Tools

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Additional items that are essential for providing the best chairside tooth gem service. These items are designed to enhance convenience and ensure a seamless application process. Here are the details:

Transfer sticks: Our disposable sticky sticks are specially designed for the secure pickup and placement of tooth gems. With these sticks, you can confidently handle and apply the gems to the tooth without the need for sterilizing instruments. Each package contains 15 individual sticks, providing an ample supply for multiple applications.

2-hole wells: These pre-dispensers are a must-have for efficient tooth gem application. The wells serve two purposes - one for pre-dispensing water to clean and remove etch, ensuring proper preparation of the tooth surface. The other well is used for pre-dispensing bond, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. These 2-hole wells are disposable for convenience and come in a pack of 10.

With these additional items, you can elevate your chairside tooth gem service by streamlining the application process and ensuring optimal hygiene standards.


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