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Cheek Retractor For Teeth Whitening SILICONE

Cheek Retractor For Teeth Whitening SILICONE

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Package:12PKG | #33456CH

Chairside teeth whitening Silicone Retractor, the premium retractor. Crafted with soft silicone material, this retractor provides a comfortable and effective solution for holding the mouth open during teeth whitening sessions.

The unique tongue piece of our retractor keeps the bite open and the tongue out of the way, allowing for more precise application of teeth whitening products for a radiant and even smile. Our Teeth Whitening Technician Silicone Retractor is one of the best tools for assisting with teeth whitening procedures.

Our silicone retractor comes in one size and 3 colours.Designed to be disposable for hygiene purposes. Each retractor is meant for one-time use to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination between clients.

Size: L: 8.5cm / W: 6cm/ H: Lip pouch 1.5cm

One use disposable or place in autoclave on plastic cycle. Will withstand heat for roughly 3 cycles.

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