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Retractor BEYOND II FlexiPro (5pkg)

Retractor BEYOND II FlexiPro (5pkg)

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Package: 1 box | 5 retractors 

Medium #BY-M015-M

Large #BY-M015-L

The BEYOND® FlexiPro™ Cheek Retractor contains a pair of channeled edges that can be comfortably fitted around the lips of the patient and a bridge connecting the edges of the device. The bridge features a tongue guard that holds back the patient’s tongue during procedures, while doubling as a bite cushion for the patient to rest their teeth on.

ONE USE DISPOSABLE in most clinical settings. If autoclave present, place on plastic cycle and to not place any additional instruments on top. Will complete 2-3 sterilization cycles before gummy texture present (throw out at this point).

If in public health region where cold soak is permitted, follow your cold soak EPA approved instructions.

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