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Preciosa Crystal Faerie- Unicorn Tears

Preciosa Crystal Faerie- Unicorn Tears

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Preciosa Crystal Faerie - Unicorn Tears

[Tooth Crystals] Size: >1.2mm Qty: 2 grams

Elevate your patients smile with the exquisite Preciosa Crystal Faerie- Unicorn Tears, bringing the luxury of Bohemian glassmaking to your dental aesthetics.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Preciosa Crystals: Experience unmatched brilliance and clarity with Czech-made Preciosa crystals.
  • Crystal Faerie- Unicorn Tears: Ideal for popular chandelier design with a touch of colour 
  • Unicorn Tears Colour
  • Safe for Teeth: Specifically designed for tooth adhesion without damaging your enamel.
  • Package Size: Contains 2 grams crystals, each measuring >1.2mm
  • Exclusive Supplier: Fern Whitening Supplies is a proud Authorized Supplier of Preciosa.

Crafted from the finest crystal and glass components in the world, Preciosa Crystals are renowned for their exceptional quality, precision, and innovative design. The Crystal Faerie, most popularly used in advanced chandelier design, adds a unique and sophisticated touch to your smile with a touch of colour. Each pack contains 2 grams of "sprinkles" Crystal Faerie- Unicorn Tears, each measuring >1.2mm, perfect for creating dazzling, personalized designs on your teeth.

Want to learn how to master the chandelier design? Join our interactive monthly MASTERCLASS workshops with our tooth gem expert @startupbusinessbestie

Fern Whitening Supplies has carefully selected Preciosa as our exclusive crystal collection, not only for its superior quality standards but also for its compatibility with tooth adhesion, a critical factor often overlooked by other brands. In contrast, using other large crystal brand names for tooth gems may expose you to legal liabilities.

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