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Cheek Retractor For Teeth Whitening O STYLE

Cheek Retractor For Teeth Whitening O STYLE

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Package: 12PKG | #2332IVO

O-Style Teeth Whitening Retractor. This teeth whitening retractable device is designed to provide optimal lip coverage during teeth whitening sessions, making it your best friend in achieving a bright, beautiful smile.

With a ruler conveniently printed on the outside of the package, you can easily measure your smile in a closed and relaxed position. This allows you to choose the perfect size for a comfortable and effective teeth whitening experience.

Our Size Junior, also known as X-Small, is ideal for clients seeking a smaller retractor size. It comes in a clear colour, providing discretion while ensuring proper lip coverage for precise and convenient application of teeth whitening products.

Our Size Small is the standard mouth size. Fits most teeth whitening clients

Our Size Regular is the largest option best fit for large mouths.
To ensure the highest hygiene standards, our O-style Teeth Whitening Retractor is disposable, allowing for a one-time use that eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.

Upgrade your teeth whitening sessions with our O-style Teeth Whitening Retractor - Ideally used with our signature gel 

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