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Gauze- Teeth Whitening Chairside Products

Gauze- Teeth Whitening Chairside Products

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Fern offers you versatile gauze products, available in three different variations to cater to the specific needs of teeth whitening providers. Whether you need gauze for various purposes, blocking out LED light, or offering comfort, we have you covered.

Face Gauze (12-pack) #24364CH:
The face gauze is designed to assist in blocking out LED light during teeth whitening sessions, particularly when clients are using specific creams or medications such as retinal. It not only helps to shield skin  but also provides saliva absorption around retractors, ensuring a more comfortable experience for your clients.

2x2 Gauze (200-sleeve) #78895CH:
Our 2x2 gauze offers a multitude of uses in your teeth whitening procedures. It can be used to remove or assist in removing gel, ensuring precision and cleanliness. Additionally, it is highly absorbent, making it ideal for saliva absorption during treatments. Moreover, it can serve as a tip wiper for maintaining hygiene during the whitening process.

4x4 Gauze (200-sleeve) #89637CH:
The 4x4 gauze is a versatile option suitable for various purposes. It can be used as a face wipe to clean and refresh your clients after the teeth whitening session. Additionally, it can act as a cushion for soft tissue, providing comfort and protection during treatment. Furthermore, it serves as an effective drool catcher, enhancing the overall experience for both the provider and client.

Choose the appropriate gauze variation based on your specific needs and elevate your teeth whitening procedures with these high-quality, multi-purpose gauze products. Provide comfort, maintain hygiene, and ensure optimal results with our versatile gauze offerings.
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