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LED Light-PRO-600 Floor Light (Red/Blue)

LED Light-PRO-600 Floor Light (Red/Blue)

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Our cutting-edge PRO-LED Blue+Red Floor Light, specifically designed for teeth whitening providers. This advanced LED light is not only designed to activate teeth whitening gel but also features a red light option to soothe any potential irritation or discomfort during the whitening session.

With its sleek design and adjustable tall arm reach, this floor light provides optimal positioning for precise and effective teeth whitening treatments. The extra arm extension offers flexibility, ensuring that you can easily target the desired areas and provide full coverage.

Assembling this floor light is quick and effortless, and once set up, its sturdy construction guarantees stability throughout your teeth whitening procedures. You can focus on delivering exceptional service, knowing that this light will reliably support your teeth whitening practice.

Equipped with a user-friendly touchpad screen, controlling the intensity of the LED light is effortless. By utilizing the red light option, you can provide a soothing experience for your clients, minimizing any potential irritation or discomfort during the whitening process. Additionally, the red light can promote rapid healing of any burned soft tissue caused by bleaching gel irritation.

Rest assured knowing that this floor light comes with an impressive 50,000-hour warranty, guaranteeing its long-lasting performance and durability. It is specifically designed to withstand the demands of professional teeth whitening providers, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Please keep in mind that the arrival time for the floor lights may vary. We kindly request your patience and understanding as we conduct thorough inspections to ensure each light is ready for its intended use. The estimated arrival time ranges from 2 to 4 weeks.

Elevate your teeth whitening services with our PRO-LED Dental Grade Blue+Red Floor Light, specifically crafted to activate teeth whitening gel while providing soothing relief and rapid healing for any potential discomfort or irritation. Illuminate client smiles with confidence, knowing you have the perfect tool for the job.


24hr return period upon purchase. Once return window is closed, no returns.

It is important to note that LED lights are often mistakenly promoted as lasers in the teeth whitening industry. However, if you are interested in becoming a laser teeth whitening technician, it is crucial to understand that true lasers can only be purchased by individuals with a valid medical license.

Teeth whitening providers commonly utilize LED lights in their treatments and refer to them as lasers, but it is important to recognize that they are not authentic lasers. LED lights are still effective for activating teeth whitening gels and providing beneficial effects, but they are not true lasers.

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