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Face wipe (Lavender)- Teeth Whitening Chairside Products

Face wipe (Lavender)- Teeth Whitening Chairside Products

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Package: 1 wipe | #33876RV

Lavender Scented Disposable Towels, the perfect solution for refreshing and revitalizing your clients after a teeth whitening session. These one-time use towels offer convenience, hygiene, and a soothing lavender scent for a truly rejuvenating experience.

These towels can be used cool or warm, providing versatility based on your clients' preference. If warming is desired, simply place the towel in a microwave or towel warmer for a soothing and comforting warmth.

Not only do these disposable towels help your clients feel fresh and invigorated, but they also help reduce drooling. By gently wiping away any excess saliva, these towels enhance the post-treatment experience and leave your clients feeling more comfortable.

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