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Bib & Accessories- Teeth Whitening Provider Products

Bib & Accessories- Teeth Whitening Provider Products

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Package: 1 unit | Includes: 12 pcs | #11675CH

White Bib: Our white bibs are designed specifically for teeth whitening procedures, providing reliable protection and comfort for your patients. These bibs are made with a 2-ply paper and an additional 1-ply poly layer, ensuring maximum absorption and preventing any liquids or staining agents from reaching the patient's clothing. Each package contains 12 bibs, measuring 13x18 inches, providing ample supply to meet your teeth whitening chairside needs.

Package: 1 unit: Includes: 1 chain| #78965CH

Bib Chain: Our bib chain is a convenient accessory that ensures the bib stays securely in place during the teeth whitening procedure. This wipeable chain is designed to be universal in size, making it suitable for most bibs and accommodating patients of different sizes. By using the bib chain, you can provide a more comfortable experience for your patients, allowing them to relax during the whitening process without worrying about the bib shifting or becoming dislodged.

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