Who is Fern Whitening Supplies?

Who is Fern Whitening Supplies?

Fern Whitening Supplies, the fastest growing teeth whitening supply company in North America. Created by dental professionals who were dissatisfied with the current chairside teeth whitening industry, Fern Whitening Supplies represents the future of teeth whitening.


Driven by our firsthand experiences, we embarked on a journey to revolutionize teeth whitening. Taking our expertise to a Health Canada compliant lab in Ontario, Canada, we began crafting the ultimate line of whitening supply products that cater to the needs of any teeth whitening provider.


At Fern, we believe in delivering products that are backed by dental experience, science, and safety. We take pride in offering a full range of high-quality whitening supplies, from our viscous chairside gel to our comprehensive exfoliant products. Every product we offer has been carefully formulated with your patients' safety and satisfaction in mind.


What sets Fern apart from other teeth whitening suppliers is our commitment to providing effective results without compromising the dental health of your patients. Unlike other brands that push high gel percentages, we prioritize a low and slow approach that ensures lasting results without causing severe dehydration.


With Fern Whitening Supplies, you have everything you need to offer the safest and longest-lasting teeth whitening results for your patients. We are here to support you in growing your teeth whitening revenue and providing exceptional care to your patients.


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