Authorized Dealer Status with Beyond International

Authorized Dealer Status with Beyond International

Fern Whitening Supplies is proud to bring the revolutionary BEYOND teeth whitening system to the North American market. As an authorized dealer of BEYOND, founded in 2003 and recognized as the leading provider of whitening systems in the aesthetic dental community across Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East, and Africa, we are excited to offer these world-class whitening solutions to our customers.

Innovation Driven by Data and Research

BEYOND stands at the forefront of the teeth whitening industry, not just for its advanced technology but for its commitment to research and development. With their own funded double-blind research studies, BEYOND ensures that every product is backed by scientific evidence, guaranteeing the safest and most effective whitening treatments available. As an FDA-registered and ISO 13485 certified company, BEYOND's dedication to quality is unmatched.

Award-Winning Excellence

With over 13 prestigious Dental Advisor awards, BEYOND has been recognized for its exceptional product quality and effectiveness. These accolades reflect BEYOND's commitment to excellence and innovation in dental aesthetics.

Global Impact, Local Service

BEYOND has optimized more than 2,850,000 smiles worldwide and worked closely with over 255,200 dentists to deliver unparalleled results. Fern Whitening Supplies is thrilled to be part of this global success story, bringing BEYOND's acclaimed products and to North America.

Fern is BEYOND excited to show our customers how to make $2,400 in 4.5hrs with the Beyond Accelerator machine. Thanks to ultrasonic technology, the Accelerator machine quickly creates a safe, dehydrated state that also oxidizes gels at a lightning-speed rate. This results in reduced chair time for the quickest, brightest and safest outcomes. Did we mention that the machine also includes an air purifier? 

Recommended Usage:

Fern Signature Gel 25%

x2 12 minute rounds

Beyond Max 35%

x2 10 minute rounds

The recommended chair time from start to finish with a client is 45 minutes. That allows for serving 6 clients in 4.5 hours.

A recommended clinical price of $399, with a take-home kit included, has been suggested.

Want to double your earnings? Consider purchasing the second light attachment to serve two clients simultaneously. $4,800 from 12 clients? Yes, please!

Fern is currently shipping throughout with USA starting now. Canadian residents please jump on our waitlist. Expected Canadian shipping is mid March 2024.

Connect with a Fern Whitening Specialist today to learn how. 

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