Unlock your Zoom Light

Unlock your Zoom Light


Philips Zoom has carved a notable place for itself in the world of professional dental whitening, thanks to its innovative approach and effective results. It stands out not just for the quality of its whitening formulation but also for the unique technology it employs. The use of a locked LED light, activated only by a chip light guide included with each chairside whitening kit, underscores Philips' commitment to creating a proprietary system that ensures quality and consistency in treatment outcomes. This system, while beneficial in maintaining the integrity of the Philips Zoom experience, also presents a challenge for dental professionals interested in exploring other whitening options.

The Locked LED Light: A Double-Edged Sword

The LED light, a critical component of the Zoom whitening system, is designed to work exclusively with Philips Zoom whitening formulations. This exclusivity ensures that the light's intensity and wavelength are perfectly matched to the Zoom gel's requirements, optimizing the whitening process and ensuring patient safety. However, this innovation comes with limitations. Dental professionals who have invested in the Philips Zoom system find themselves tied to a single brand. The inability to use the LED light with other bleaching gels means that exploring alternative whitening treatments necessitates additional investment in new equipment—a deterrent for many clinics operating within tight budgets.

The Technology Breakthrough: Unlocking Flexibility

In response to the limitations imposed by the locked LED light system, advancements in technology have emerged, offering a solution. These developments allow dental professionals to unlock their Zoom LED lights, enabling them to use the equipment with a variety of bleaching gels beyond the Philips Zoom line. This breakthrough is significant for several reasons:

  1. Cost Efficiency: By unlocking the LED light, clinics can avoid the hefty expense of purchasing new light equipment when they wish to try different whitening products. This flexibility makes it easier for dental practices to offer a wider range of whitening options to their patients, tailored to diverse needs and preferences.

  2. Enhanced Service Offering: With the ability to use the LED light across different whitening systems, dental professionals can customize their whitening treatments more effectively. They can select gels based on factors like concentration levels, patient sensitivity, and desired whitening outcomes, thereby enhancing patient satisfaction.

  3. Innovation Adoption: The dental industry is continually evolving, with new products and technologies enhancing treatment outcomes. The ability to unlock the Philips Zoom light encourages dental professionals to explore and adopt innovative solutions without being constrained by compatibility issues.

Introducing the Bleach Infiniter

Introducing the Bleach Infiniter. 

The Bleach Infiniter is a unique software chip that makes your zoom LED light lamp unlimited. No more limited uses or one gel type for your office.

The Bleach Infiniter chip fully corresponds to the dimensions of the standard original Philips light guide. Compatible with Zoom Whitespeed, Zoom advanced Power and Advanced Power Plus LED models. Check out video demo here


10 year warranty

Manufacturer guarantee Bleach Infiniter chip will last 10 years or cycles

Two purchase options:

Unlimited chip only 


Unlimited chip pre-installed in a light guide 

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