Enhance Your Business Revenue with Retail!

Enhance Your Business Revenue with Retail!

Chairside teeth whitening or tooth gem services are fantastic, but have you ever considered boosting your business revenue without adding more chair time? The answer lies in retail! Retail items are products purchased at wholesale costs and resold at market prices. These at-home consumables not only benefit your clients but add extra revenue to your business.

- If your clinic offers chairside teeth whitening, consider retailing at-home items like teeth whitening home kits, whitening mouthwash, and toothpaste to complement your in-chair services.
- As a tooth gem service provider, offering at-home items such as a water flosser or a soft-bristled toothbrush can enhance your services.

Considerations for Bringing on a Retail Line:

1. Cost:
- Ensure your wholesale cost allows for a healthy margin when reselling.
- Consider different pricing models, including the highest and sale prices.
- Factor in shipping costs to both your location and the client's, if applicable.

2. Brand:
- Avoid selling brands readily available elsewhere.
- Private labeling can prevent customers from purchasing directly from suppliers. However, be aware of the liabilities associated with private labeling, such as the need for private label insurance.

Why Fern's Wholesale Retail Line?

Fern's Wholesale offers the best-priced items with a white-label approach. Our retail products feature minimal branding and no brand name, providing you with a blank canvas without the headache of private labeling. Clients won't be able to repurchase directly from us, ensuring their continued connection with your business. Rest easy knowing that Fern has you covered - offering high-quality products while looking out for your business needs.

Shop the Wholesale Retail line today!

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