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Tooth Gem Starter Pack Advanced Adhesion

Tooth Gem Starter Pack Advanced Adhesion

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EVERYTHING you need to add tooth crystals to your clinic. This Advanced Adhesion Start Up Package comes with the best dental adhesives on the market. Please note this package is designed for tooth gem technicians who plan on placing advanced designs (chandelier, butterfly and window). This adhesive package can also be done in a 2 step process over a 3 step process due to the Dia-Xbond self etching qualities. 

Product Kit:

  • 96 Preciosa crystals [Crystal round (12each) SS2, SS3,SS5,SS7], [Crystal AB (12 each) SS5], [Crystal Chrysolite (12each) SS5], [Navatte Crystal (12each)], [Navette AB (12 each)], [Crystal Farie (2grams)]
  • Curing Light (Pro-100)
  • Curing Barrier sleeve (12pkg)
  • C Style Retractors (12pkg)
  • Cotton Rolls (50pkg)
  • Clean Up Brushes (100pkg)
  • Dispensing Wells (12pkg)
  • Transfer Sicks/Wax Tipped Applicators (100pkg)
  • Trio Advanced Adhesive Pack (Etch, Bond, Flow Adhesive)
  • Typodont (1unit)
  • Safety Glasses LED (2)
  • PDF MSDS sheets, PDF consent form customizable and PDF Safety Binder Table of Contents Form.
  • Vitamin EA Swabs (100pkg)

It is encouraged to purchase Fern Whitening Supplies Training Certification with your start up package. You receive $100 OFF the online training course when purchased with product start up packages.

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