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LED Light- Pro-300 Floor Light (Red+ Blue)

LED Light- Pro-300 Floor Light (Red+ Blue)

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Why use: Floor lights are used to cure light activated products and activate/accelerate the oxidization process in peroxides in whitening products quickly.

Overview: Fern Whitening Supplies Pro-300 floor light is a super 36W high powered LED light. One year warranty. Feel confident with this low-medium noise, little heat and height adjustable arm.

  • Output power: 36W
  • Power Supply: AC100-240V/ 50-60HZ
  • Wavelength Blue: 420-480nm
  • Wavelength Red: 420-480nm
  • Light intensity: 6,000mw/cm2
  • 20 minutes working time

Directions of use: Make sure to read all instructions with light prior to set up. Plug in to insure working before seeing client. Place on barrier sleeve for best infection control purposes. When in use, place as close to the oral cavity as possible without directly touching.

Curing specs with Fern Product line:

Gingival barrier: Per quadrant, 30 seconds.

Whitening gel: 20 minutes with dual mode red+blue on high mode

Storage: Cool dry place. Away from water.

Contact Fern Whitening Supplies for any questions or concerns. | | 753-889-3409

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